Enquiries:    01280 817088


We are pleased to be able to offer the following services:

Dry Cleaning

We use only the best materials, coupled with modern equipment and highly skilled staff, enabling us to offer the finest quality and service. We offer hand finished and beautifully presented garments

Our standard turnaround time for dry cleaning is 2 working days. Same day and next day express services are also available.


We offer a full shirt, table linen bedding service. Shirts can be returned hung or folded. We individually launder and dry all duvets before packing in breathable duvet bags. Shirts and table linen can be starched if required.

Our standard turnaround time for laundry is 2 working days.

Wedding Dresses

We offer an in-house Wedding dress cleaning service. We hand treat any stains, individually clean and hand finish all wedding dresses before we package your dress with acid free tisssue for posterity. We also offer satin wedding boxes to package your wedding dress in the safest environment. Please call us to discuss your requirements and prices

Our standard turnaround time for Wedding dresses is one week, though we can arrange to complete work sooner if required.

Suede, Leather & Wax Jackets

Suede and leather cleaning is a specialised craft and should only be carried out by trained craftsmen.
We send all our leather and suede garments to a specialist cleaner who has the necessary skills
and expertise to clean and rejuvenate most garments. We also provide a leather repair and
alteration service. We also use the same specialist cleaner to clean, re-wax and repair
wax jackets

The turnaround time for most leather and suede garments is 2 working weeks.

Repairs & Alterations

Repairs and alterations are completed to a very high standard by our dedicated
seamstress Janet. Be it a simple trouser shortening or a complicated couture
adjustment, rest assured your garments are in safe hands.

The turnaround time for most repairs and alterations is 3 working days.

Free Collection & Delivery Service

Call 01280 817088 to arrange collection and delivery as and when you need it. We can also
schedule a recurring collection and delivery on one or more days of the week. We will collect your
items at the arranged time. Your items will then be professionally cleaned and delivered back to you
as per your instructions. You can pay the driver by cash/cheque, or provide your credit card details so that
we can charge your card in the shop.

We will also take down, clean, return and re-hang your curtains.

Collection and delivery is free for all orders over £20. Our turnaround time for collection and
delivery is 2 working days. We also offer a same day and next day express service.